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Diversion Payments

Contact Information

Phone: 386-239-7710


The funds collected through the Pretrial Diversion Program are for costs of administering diversion programs. Please refer to your individual DPA Agreement for the total amount of costs and fees printed in bold on the cover letter.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be given even if the participant fails to complete the Pretrial Diversion Program.

Information Required

The application will ask for information about you and the credit card that you will use to pay for the costs. The purpose for this information is to validate the credit card payment. For security purposes, the State Attorney’s Office does not retain your credit card information, and for that reason, you will be required to reenter credit card information for each Pretrial Diversion contract.


*****You will also be required to input the following information from your individual agreement:

1. Case Number, which is the number beginning with MM. (Please include MM)

2. Dollar amount (Cost of Prosecution plus $3 processing fee)