Worthless Checks

People who intentionally pass worthless checks with the intent to defraud violate the criminal laws of Florida.  We have developed a Worthless Check Collection and Diversion Division to help you recover the loss you suffered from a bad check.  We need your assistance to prosecute the person who gave you a worthless check.


On this page you will find all the necessary documents to begin the process of prosecuting those who write worthless checks.



WC Victim Packet 
WC Statutory
WC Affidavit
WC Sworn Complaint*

(*2 copies for State Attorney, 1 copy for your records)


State Attorney Worthless Checks Contact Info:

Daytona - (386) 239-7710

DeLand - (396) 822-6400

Flagler - (386) 313-4300

St. Johns - (904) 209-1620

Putnam - (386) 329-0259