Investigator Jack Bisland Recognized as Officer of the Year

Thu, May 05, 2016 at 11:40AM

Investigator Jack Bisland has been with the Office of the State Attorney for approximately 6 years and is assigned to the Volusia County Office where he coordinates the Career Criminal Task Force with the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, Daytona Police Department and other local agencies. The Career Criminal Task Force's objectives are to identify habitual violent felony offenders that meet the statutory guidelines for Career Criminal or Florida Career Offender who continue their criminal behavior and work with local law enforcement to build solid cases to ensure successful prosecution, and seeking enhanced sentences. 2015 marked the first full year of the State Attorney's Career Criminal Task Force operation in Volusia County. During this year, Investigator Bisland, working with seven Assistant State Attorneys and two Task Force Investigators, worked 822 Investigative Referrals that resulted in 620 criminal cases favorably resolved by prosecutors.


One of Investigator Bisland's notable successes was a 2014 report of a sexual battery of a boy under the age of 11 by an adult male over the age of 26 that had actually occurred in 2007. No charges had been filed due to the lack of corroborating evidence. Using his investigative prowess, Investigator Bisland obtained the cooperation of a relative who agreed to attend undercover controlled meetings with the suspect. This undercover meeting led to a recorded confession, a handwritten letter of apology intended to be delivered to the victim, and a successful arrest. But, Investigator Bisland did not stop there. Post arrest, Investigator Bisland obtained a Search Warrant that led to the discovery of 2000 images of the Defendant and 300 images of child pornography. The defendant currently remains in jail with no bond pending trial.


Another one of Investigator Bisland's more notable successes was a 2015 report of the kidnapping and armed sexual battery of a female victim who was tied up and held captive for hours. Investigator Bisland learned the suspect identified in the case was a serial sex offender stemming from a 1986 New York case. Investigator Bisland learned the offender was also a suspect in a Volusia County homicide. Investigator Bisland traveled to New York where he located one of the women who had been previously victimized by the offender decades earlier. The evidence and facts in the New York case were compellingly similar to the Florida case. Investigator Bisland successfully convinced the victim to come forward as a witness and testify in the Florida case. Due to his investigative efforts and rapport with the victim(s) in bringing them forward to testify, the Defendant entered an 11th hour plea to the sexual battery and the uncharged homicide. The defendant received two 45 year prison sentences followed by sex offender probation and civil commitment sanctions should he ever be released from prison.


Investigator Bisland has over 38 years of law enforcement experience including serving with the Winter Springs Police Department, Longwood Police Department, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. In each agency, Jack has served in supervisory roles and shown a knack for leadership. Jack has been married to his wife Cindy for 16 years. They have three children between them; Lynne 26, John 31 and Lindsey 32, as well as an 18 month old grandchild, Alex. Jack and Cindy live in Ormond Beach.

Investigator Jack Bisland Recognized as Officer of the Year

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